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  1. Never overload your washer; you can burn out your motor
  2. Try not putting rugs in your washer; you can damage your motor.
  3. Make sure you empty your pockets, when coins get into your machine. It can damage your pump.
  4. If water is coming in slow, check your water pressure in the building or maybe your water valve is defective.
  5. If you’re motor overheats. Wait about 5 hours for the motor to cool down and try using your washer again.


  1. If your dryer is overheating, try cleaning your dryer.
  2. If your dryer is noisy, it can be your rollers, felt or your bearing.
  3. Check to see if your belt is broken.
  4. If your dryer has no power, check your circuit breaker.
  5. Some dryers come with a reset button on the back of the dryer, try resetting the button by pressing it.
  6. You might need a heating element.


  1. If your dishwasher has no power, make sure your door is close properly.
  2. Check you plug to see if there is electricity. If there is no electricity, check your circuit breaker.
  3. Remember you need jet dry for your dishes to look clean and nice.
  4. Only use dishwashing detergent that is recommends for dishwashers.
  5. If for some reason you use dishwashing liquid before reading these tips.
  6. Take baking soda or lime juice. Use either one and run your dishwasher again.


  1. When your refrigerator isn’t working properly, check your thermostat to see what settings it is on.
  2. Your condenser might be dirty, some condenser is located on the bottom of your refrigerator and some located on the top of the refrigerator.
  3. Don’t forget now, if there is no power, check your plug or your breaker.


  1. Always remember to run cold water when grinding. Cold water helps to avoid fats and grease to get stick on disposal.
  2. Hot water cause fat and grease to dissolve and your drain lines will be clogged.
  3. Use disposals only for food, not hard shells, they cause your disposal to break down.
  4. You can use ice or lemon juice to clean your disposal by avoiding rust.
  5. There is a reset button on your disposal; you can reset your disposal by pushing the reset button.

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